Summary: If your DELL laptop suddenly won't boot to Windows and your IT department says your files are unrecoverable - the files probably are in fact recoverable using this tool - R-Studio Emergency .

I've recently had two associates whose DELL laptop harddrives have stopped booting to Windows. In both cases the IT department said the files were unrecoverable. However I found a tool which did indeed recover all their files in both cases.

The tools is R-Studio Emergency downloadable here.

Their setup is very clever. You can download their demo-recovery-tool for free which shows you all the files the tool can recover - file names, sizes, location, etc. However you must pay ~$75 to unlock the tool which will allow you to actually get the files off the ailing hard drive.

You install their tool to a USB thumb drive and can then startup your computer from the thumb drive itself. Doing this skips the operating system (most likely M$ Windows in this case) and boots the computer directly to their tool which has an easy to navigate GUI letting you go through the directories and files easily marking the ones you want to recover.

Once you have unlocked the tool and selected the files you can copy them back to the USB key and from there onto another computer. There are various other networking options but in most cases that will probably not be the easiest route.

For the files I recovered it what I didn't realize right away was that they were encrypted - thus I had to hand the files over to the IT department for decryption rather than handing a bag of happiness directly to my associates.

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